Dedicated to your excellence!


Once you’ve attended a class at Oklahoma Shooting Skills, we offer you the “retread” program.  In short, a second trip through the same class, or a third, or a fifteenth for that matter, is at a greatly discounted rate.  Pistol Skills 2 and 3 retread at $25.  Pistol Skills 4, 5 and the Home Defense Shotgun class retread at $30.  Some of our off-site classes also offer the retread program.  These are on a case-by-case rate, and depend greatly on how we are billed for using another facility.

We offer this in hopes that you’ll return to improve and maintain your skillset.  We strive for perfection, and repetition is the only way we’ve found.

There are, however, a few limitations to the retread program.  First is seat availability.  If the class is full, no retreads.  Second, is your willingness to help.  We might ask you to staple fresh targets, or sweep brass off the firing line.  And lastly, you have to talk nice about us.

If the requirement for talking nice about us hasn’t scared you off, enroll for the retread program just as you’d enroll for any other class.  Drop us an email, let us know which class you’d like to retread, and please indicate that you’ll be retreading.  We’ll take it from there!