About Oklahoma Shooting Skills

Oklahoma Shooting Skills was started in 2002, by the Lead Instructor Will Andrews. Will has the belief that simple is better.  Using this belief Will built Oklahoma Shooting Skills into a simplified comprehensive instructional shooting program.photo 12

Oklahoma Shooting Skills classes are built around the belief that a shooters effectiveness stems from their ability to react with efficiency. By offering multiple solutions, or techniques, to the same problem we know that We have funefficiency will suffer and shooters will be slower. Through the use of just a few techniques, we teach students to draw a holstered firearm and resolve the majority of issues they will encounter, while shooting.

Additionally our program is built with adult learning process in mind. We understand and realize that most people don’t have eight hours to take out of a day. We also understand that most people can only take in so much information before they stop learning. Our classes are designed to be four hours in length, with the majority of that time being practical or hands on learning. We also offer one of the best student to instructor ratios in the market.

We know you have a lot of choices for your training needs. With over 25,000 students having attended, since 2000, we are confident in our programs capabilities. We are sure the simplicity of our program will make it easier for you to learn and apply skills to your daily life. We appreciate your time in considering us in helping you further your shooting needs.