Lead Instructor

The founder and lead instructor for Oklahoma Shooting Skills is Will Andrews.  Will began his training career with fighting arts back in 1981, when he became a formal student of the traditional martial arts.  He studied Tae Kwon Do and Tzu-jan Men Jeet Kune Do, achieving a second degree in December of 1985.  Work and family responsibilities took him away from the fighting arts until 1988 when he became seriously involved in pistol shooting.  Very quickly Will became interested in teaching firearms, obtaining his NRA Instructor certificates in 1989. After studying pistol shooting, under the tutelage of several highly renowned instructors. Will began a personal project of sorting through all the various techniques, commonly taught, to find what techniques work best, are easiest to learn, and the most foolproof under stress.  After shooting in excess of a half million rounds, the examination of the resulting targets, and the condensing of several hundred pages of notes into a simplified shooting system, Will started Oklahoma Shooting Skills.

Will is humble in who he is and how he has grown. Will is a perpetual student always willing to learn and at least listen to what others offer.

Instructor Credentials:

  • NRA Certified Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Personal Protection, Rifle, and Shotgun since 1989.
  • Certified Affiliate Instructor with Defense Training International since 1993.
  • Oklahoma Certified Self Defense Act Instructor since 1995.
  • Rangemaster Certified Instructor since 2009.
  • Sabre OC Instructor.
  • Approved by CLEET as an Instructor Trainer 2014.

Schools Attended:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 1985.
  • Second Degree, Tzu Jen Men Jeet Kune Do, December 1985.
  • Shoot-n-Iron Basic Action Pistol Class, November 1991.
  • Defense Training International Twenty-Hour Defensive Handgun, Long Arm and Discretionary Shooting Class, February 1992.
  • Defense Training International Twenty Hour Advanced Defensive Handgun Discretionary Shooting and Low-Light Shooting, February 1994.
  • Defense Training International Twenty-Four Hour Defensive Urban Rifle and Shotgun Movement and Cover Class, March 1998.
  • Matt McLearn’s IPSC Shooting Class, October 1998.
  • Bob Taylor’s Weapon Retention and Disarmament Class, February 2000.
  • Three Day Firearms Instructor and Certification Course, Rangemaster, November 2009