Anyone who has taken any of my classes has heard me use the phrase, “my hero and guru, John Farnam.”  John and his bride, Vicki have had a profound influence on my life.  They taught me to shoot, taught me to teach, and somewhere along the way, taught me to be proud of who I am.  The time I have shared in their company has left me a much better person.


Tom Givens is one of the most experienced instructors in the business.  I can name no other who has had the number of commercial students, not law enforcement or military, involved in actual defensive uses of lethal force.  Tom’s students have prevailed in over 70 gunfights over the years.  I’d highly recommend anyone with a serious interest in learning serious shooting and gunhandling take a Rangemaster class.


Chuck Rives is a dear old friend, and an excellent martial arts instructor.  He’s not the traditional pajamma wearing HEEYA yelling Mr. Miagi you might expect, though.  You’ll find more guns in his program than references to ancient Asia.


For the last several years, I’ve been wearing plastic pistols in plastic holsters.  It’s my nod to 20th century technology.  I’m just not planning to enter the 21st.  Now if you’d like to wear your handgun in some danged fine looking traditional leather, with an unconventional flair, Michael Hast is your source.  He offers creative designs and unique finishes and appearance packages.  Mine is a traditional pancake design for a J frame, done up in what can only be called tomato red.  It is an absolutely precise rendering of the concept I ordered.  It is precisely what I wanted.  I’m very pleased with it.


Appendix inside the waist band holsters offer many advantages for daily carry of handguns.  They draw fast, they conceal well, and they offer real advantages for retention over behind the hip carry.  While there are many to choose from on the market, the holsters designed and built by Spencer Keepers are by far the most comfortable.  His innovative design conceals better than the others as well.  Highly recommended for this style of carry!