Class Schedule

During our recent suspension of operations,  we have moved to a newer, better location.  Starting this month, Oklahoma Shooting Skills classes will be held at Wilsire Gun here in Oklahoma City.  For those of you who have shot with us in the past, and been cold in the winter and hot in the summer while training, I’d like you to imagine an indoor facility with a 70 degree shooting bay.  All year round.  Regardless of weather, a 70 degree temperature.  This is exciting news when I look at my shooting ball cap that has sweat stains on sweat stains.  This is going to be luxury!


Unless otherwise specified, all operations of Oklahoma Shooting Skills will be held at Wilshire Gun, 615 W. Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 1400, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73116.  The management and leadership of this excellent, state of the art indoor range have been very generous and welcoming to the OSS operation.  This is an excellent relationship that will support the success of both entities.  Please come out to see the new (to us) facility.  It features very comfortable classrooms with audio / video systems, the excellent Range Cafe, and a club room upstairs that we will be using for some of our classroom only presentations, as well as social gatherings.

November 5, 4 to 8 PM Pistol Skills 3

November 12, 4 to 8 PM Pistol Skills 2

November 26, 4 to 8 PM Pistol Skills 3

December 10, 4 to 8 PM Pistol Skills 4


Due to the current abundance of ammunition and the dropping prices, we will be returning to an earlier, higher round count format for all the classes.   We will allow the use of safe reloaded ammunition in class.  In other words, we’re gonna make hay while the sun is shining!  Let’s take full advantage of this widespread availability of inexpensive training ammo to push our proficiency to previously unattainable levels due to the ammo shortages of the recent past.

Please understand, however, that steel jacketed, steel cored, armor piercing, and tracer can never be safely used in an indoor range.