Class Schedule


Unless otherwise specified, all operations of Oklahoma Shooting Skills will be held at Wilshire Gun, 615 W. Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 1400, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73116.  The management and leadership of this excellent, state of the art indoor range have been very generous and welcoming to the OSS operation.  This is an excellent relationship that will support the success of both entities.  Please come out to see the new (to us) facility.  It features very comfortable classrooms with audio / video systems, the excellent Range Cafe, and a club room upstairs that we will be using for some of our classroom only presentations, as well as social gatherings.

September 8, Pistol Skills 4, 3 to 7

September 22, Pistol Skills 2, 3 to 7

October 13, Pistol Skills 2, 3 to 7 

October 27, Pistol Skills 3, 3 to 7 

November 10, Pistol Skills 2, 3 to 7

November 24, Pistol Skills 3, 3 to 7

December 8, Precision Pistol, 3 to 7


We have secured several dates in 2019 for the use of the excellent, outdoor, Meadhall Range at McLoud, Oklahoma.  An outdoor range allows us to run drills that simply aren’t possible indoors.  And, not to minimize the fact that sometimes it’s just nice to get outdoors.  Our outdoor offerings are:

October 19,  Carbine Skills 1, 8:00 – 4:00 PM

Meadhall range is very conveniently located between Oklahoma City and Shawnee, just North from I-40.  Grand Casino Hotel and Resort is one of the nearest neighbors.  If you are travelling a distance to get here, you will have very nice amenities in lodging, restaurants, and entertainment in the immediate area.  This will prove to be a huge bonus to the travelling student.

Meadhall map
Meadhall map



meadhall2     meadhall1


Meadhall Range is a special place in comparison to most outdoor ranges.  It offers real amenities.  Clean, climate controlled FLUSH restrooms and nicely graveled roads are on the list.  Most outdoor ranges are located far from the traveled path, are in flood prone areas that offer no shade, no breeze, and porta potties that needed to be serviced sometime last year.  The roads that lead to them will make you wish for 4 wheel drive and more ground clearance.  This is the exception to all those rules!  Come join us on the Cadillac of outdoor ranges.





Ammo pricing is at a low point right now.  Availability can only be described as a glut.  To take advantage of the highly available, low cost ammo, our classes will be returning to the earlier, higher round count formats where ever possible.  Please bring plenty of ammo with you.  This is the time to be buying ammo to back stock for later use.  History tells me, this situation won’t last long, and will end in a period of high cost, low availability.  If you stock up now, the next lean times won’t have such a negative affect on your training and practicing.