Big Saturday

 Fourth Annual Big Saturday to be held June 3, 2017
                                    Sponsored by US LawShield

Big Saturday, sponsored by US Law Shield, is our annual training conference where we  showcase local and regional firearms/self-defense instructors.  Class sessions are typically broke into 2-hour instructional blocks.   Topics include defensive pistol shooting, defensive rifle shooting, medical and trauma care, edged weapons, unarmed combatives, defensive mindset, ladies only classes, and much, much more.

 For a second year, in a row, Big Saturday is being held at H&H Shooting Sports. H&H is a world class shooting sport facility centrally located in the heart of Oklahoma City, near I-40 and Will Rogers World Airport. With multiple class rooms, multiple shooting ranges, and a helpful staff, H&H is an ideal location for any training needs.
Use the registration form on the right to secure your spot today.
The registration link does not work.  We know that, and there’s not time to fix it before Saturday.  To enroll, simply drop an email to and announce your intent to attend.  We will take payment at the door.  Because this is our problem, we will extend the early payment discount to those who pay at the door.  Thank you for your understanding. 


We understand that not everyone uses PayPal for online transactions.  Unfortunately, it is currently our only means to conduct business online.  If you do not use PayPal, and would prefer another means of payment, simply mail a check to:  Oklahoma Shooting Skills, PO Box 270731, Oklahoma City, OK, 73137.  Please include a note to include the name of the participant, as you’d like it to appear on your name tag, your US LawShield member number (if applicable), and your email address so we can immediately confirm the receipt of your check.